White collar recession

The 2022 and 2023 economy was marked by a previously unseen trend. The white collar workers are seeing a downward shift in their compensation and employment prospect while blue collar and front-line workers are experiencing a massive boom - record low unemployment rate and increases in wages. I believe this is start of a larger trend that will continue for several more decades in the United States. Simply put, there is an oversupply of college educated workers, largely driven by a promise of a good life that millennials and gen Zers are told. But the economic reality is that acquiring a college degree is not a guarantee to a life of prosperity as it was for the baby boomers. Globalization and specialization has made large chunks of college educated Americans uncompetitive in the corporate market. The worker shift towards this white collar expectation left a largely unmet demand for people who can work on the frontlines - electricians, nurses, plumbers, care takers, etc.